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About Goldleaf

With 47 years of heritage, this local restaurant is known for their delicious zi char dishes and homely atmosphere.  They also swear by a policy of not adding a drop of MSG in their food.


A warm meal to match the cosy and friendly interior. We were served with a table of classic Chinese cuisine alongside some local dishes with a twist. You can now get their special zi char menu at 1-for-1 with the Snatch App this month.

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We kick started our meal with their signature Oyster Mee Sua ($10). Served with fresh oysters, this dish was more flavourful then we thought, with a sweet vinegar aftertaste.

Their nourishing soup for the day was the Winter melon Soup ($5). Boiled in nourishing pork rib broth and a combination of carrot and winter melon chunks, this was definitely an appetising start to the meal.

One of our favourite dishes was their  Salted Egg Yolk Prawns with Caviar ($8). The prawns were de-shelled and saved us the hassle of getting our hands dirty. Definitely a must try at just $4 per plate.


You cannot go wrong with their signature Fried Rice ($12) and Olive Fried Rice ($10). This was the perfect main course to complement the array of side dishes that they had.


Instead of the usual Sambal Kangkong, we opted for their Sambal Taiwan Lettuce ($10) instead.

Finally, no Zi Char meal would be complete without an omelette. Their Chye Poh Omelette ($10) was light and fluffy, and had a generous mix of ingredients as well.


We loved the zi char dishes at Goldleaf and especially how affordable they are. 1-for-1 delicious zi char enjoyed in an air-conditioned restaurant? Definitely a place worth visiting in our books. Must tries are their Salted Egg Yolk Prawns with Caviar, Sambal Taiwan Lettuce and Olive Fried Rice.

Address: 103 Amoy St, Singapore 069923
Nearest Mrt: Telok Ayer


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